Create a Secure, Safety and Delicious future

We are a company that develops food productions division and manufacturing food processing machine division by carefully utilizing the taste of food material and resources.”Food” is a source of healthy living.
We strive to contribute everyone’s healthy life by producing delicious,safe and secure food.
We will develop products based on customer requirments.
We will foster both hygiene management to achieve “Saftey・Secure” and “Value-Added” products and services with our production technical and quality strength.
We create new value of frozen food which contributes to everyones food chain to delivery deliciousiness throughout the world.


Management Philosophy

Contribute to the society nad globally through producing and conduct sells activities by develop, change and improve”FOOD””FOOD CULTURE”.

Corporate Code of Conduct

Earn the trust from the society by creating “Safe・Secure and attractive products” to achieve customer satisfaction. We will ensure the safety and security of food required by the society and we will implement environment-friendly production.

Relationship with suppliers

Build and strengthen partnership with supplier and with mutual trust we further complete the manufacturing.

Compliance with laws and social norms

Compliance with laws and social normsWe comply with laws and social norms, conduct fair, transparent, free competition, proper transactions and conduct healthy corporates activities. Maitain high relationships with politics, administration and transparency and conduct constructive dialogue.

Disclosure of information

Manage and protect gathered informations which we obstainded in our business activities.


We will produce valuable delicious products.

We are aiming to build a cold chain from development to procurement until food production and logistics. In order to carry out from raw material procurement to product development, manufacturing and delivery in a consistent system, we share information and know-how internally and build a stable management system. In product development, we focus on highly value-added frozen foods, food products development, production facilities development to produce delicious value-added products.


To develop Food Machinery with our customers

With the experieced of building large scale food processing plant etc. technology, we develop food machinery. We are the only group in Japan domestic which has both frozen and defrost technologies. We produce our major prodcuts which is Proton Freezer and Proton Defroster.


Company Name

Enrich Food Manufacturers,Inc.


25 May 2015


Managing Director Dairo Ninomiya

Paid-up Capital


Business Nature

Sales and import・export of food manufacturing.
Management of restaurant and chain canteen stores.
Sales and import・export of Proton Freezer and Proton Defroster.
and food manufacturing machine rental and leasing


39-5192, Katsurenhaebaru, Uruma-shi,Okinawa Prefecture,904-2311

Contact Number

TEL:+81-098-939-9056     FAX:+81-098-939-9066

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